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New Profile Posts

  1. JayBee
    I’m deleting request .if you are requesting, please pm or tag first. I know it’s from the forum.. most of the request are for both accounts.
  2. REHAN
  3. Chon
    Chon A.Sampeak
    I sent you a neighbor's request
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  4. Angie
    Angie Bip17
    @Bip17 Hi Bip, how is it going? Have received no replies to messages, are you receiving them?
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  5. Karmen
    @david smith Hey, added you, but weren't able to get the bottom friend code to work
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  6. Karmen
    Karmen Gator_Country
    Thanks so much for the drill bit, accidentally sent one in return (sorry), but hopefully made up for it today by sending you some oil :D
    1. Gator_Country
      Much appreciated.
      7 July 2018
  7. Teboho
    Teboho Muthoka
    Fly to Turkish Coast
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    2. Muthoka
      7 July 2018
  8. Bip17
    Bip17 Angie
    Hey Angie. I’m having massive problems with forums. Then other one wants me to log in to post messages and I don’t have a clue about the log in details. I can read messages and saw your one pointing me her. When I got here I found your message by chance as I saw a line saying I have “hidden messages for you”.
  9. Gator_Country
    Gator_Country Karmen
    Sent you a drill machine
  10. Muthoka
    hallo. Need some landing lamps..pliz code is 20e6f94s
  11. Joel
    Joel hannoverfan
    Hi Peter! My name is Joel and I am in charge of our alliance. We are currently looking for a new member who is able to complete 1/3 alliance missions a week. Would you be willing to join our group on Facebook messenger so we would be able to communicate with you?
  12. Karmen
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  13. Karmen
    Friend Code: 04h6aovq :D Feel free to add me, I could really use some help with my buildings, and I'll always send help in return
  14. TeresaLisboa
    TeresaLisboa AJ
    Hi. Thanks for your help. I had to delete the game in the new device, change Google play account, download a new version and when I started I was asked to choose between local and server versions. So far so good. I switched accounts again to the new one. I hope I've done everything right. I've already sent a reply to support. I just dk if the link with the new account is OK.
  15. Madge59230
    Madge59230 Dafsade
    Love your age! Very much in advance for your age, lol
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    2. Dafsade
      5 July 2018
  16. Gator_Country
    @Delta I sent you a friend request. My code is 09frpmeh.
  17. Gator_Country
    @AshPort I sent you a friend request. My code is 09frpmeh.
  18. Gator_Country
    @GAB I sent you a freind request. My code is 09frpmeh.
  19. Chazzy999
    Chazzy999 Tiffy37
    Hi! How's it going? Dublin is probably as hot as here in Newry! We now have a hosepipe ban and I have an idea you do too?
  20. Gator_Country
    Sending lots of requests to forum members and whittling down my non-forum neighbors.