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New Profile Posts

  1. Marve
    Marve Kevin1010
    Hi Kevin!
    Are you the owner of inflight alliance?
    Have a friend that want a contact of the owner.
  2. Jetskijohnny
    Ha Ha Ha ! Hello, people, I would just like some friends, who return stuff each day. I will repay you with what I can! Maybe a "Canoe".
  3. Taffy
  4. vayka1
    vayka1 cees
    Hoi Cees, ik heb je toegevoegd aan mijn game Ayon1. Je vraagt om Fuel20, maar Vayka1 en Ayon1 kunnen dit niet sturen. Je mag, als je wilt, Noya12 en Kaito1 toevoegen, deze kunnen wel F20 versturen.
  5. Guilscott Air
    Guilscott Air Husam
    I started a blue launch by mistake under Guilscott air.
    I want to do this one
    1. Husam
      13 April 2019
  6. Paulo1845
    Paulo1845 KingJJ
    Hi. Sent you a friend request.
    1. KingJJ
      oh I didn't see it.. I will check and accept
      13 April 2019
  7. Angie
    Angie Steve1632
    Welcome to the Forum. I have sent you two f/r’s, Steve, one for each of my accounts - user12345678 and Angie(2) - Kindly accept. Happy flying!
  8. Guilscott Air
    Guilscott Air Husam
    I need help hussam. My daughter wanted to help to Start launch. Il let her do so but she started a BLUE one. So I m alone. Stocked in a blue launch.
    She launched my misatcke. ...please help on the blue pad.
    Launch program named Guilscott Air.
    As you help I hope. Many thx
    1. Husam likes this.
    2. Husam
      I am so sorry that i did not read this post before i was doing launches with a friends all the day and i did not login to the forum only just now.
      12 April 2019
      Guilscott Air likes this.
    3. Guilscott Air
      Guilscott Air
      No worries.
      I m short money to do red launch
      Level 2 only on space program.
      Can you help on a blue one ?
      13 April 2019
    4. Husam
      So you want to do Blue launch how many launches you need ??
      13 April 2019
      Guilscott Air likes this.
  9. Neil ellor
    Neil ellor Teboho
    Sent some invites please accept
    1. Teboho
      Will do
      12 April 2019
      Neil ellor likes this.
  10. Bavarian
    Just having fun
  11. Guilscott Air
    Guilscott Air Davescharf
    Please had me
    Friend of teboho.

  12. 12:34
    12:34 Renaldo
    Hi, would you like to be neighbours? My friend code is 04u7n2ttz thanks
  13. Daenerys_nl
    Daenerys_nl Husam
    Could you please add me? I'd like to join your QL launch to complete the quest. Mu code is 049qxz3i
    1. Husam likes this.
  14. 12:34
    12:34 Davescharf
    Hi, can you add me as neighbour? I need some help with QL launches. My friend code is 04u7n2ttz Thanks in advance
  15. Daenerys_nl
    Daenerys_nl Teboho
    Thx so much helping with my launch! Still 4 more to go
    1. Teboho likes this.
    2. Teboho
      You are welcome.

      I will be joining Husam when this one returns he has qls active. This I do for fast launches because with 4 qls the launch returns after 14 seconds.

      Another thing, change the thread title by 'thread tools' located at the top left of the first post to 'launched', 'closed' or if you are planning another launch give the ETA of the launch.
      9 April 2019
      Daenerys_nl likes this.
  16. Guilscott Air
    Guilscott Air Frankie
    Hello. I don t know how to recognize QL launch. I joined a launch but normal. Can you help ?
  17. Guilscott Air
    Guilscott Air Frankie
    Sent u a friend request
    Guilscott air
  18. Memphisdoug
    Memphisdoug Robert
  19. Nobrakes88
    Nobrakes88 Free2Play
    Can you reset or ask someone to help reset my airport city game on VK? I want to start new.
    1. Free2Play
      I'm afraid it's not possible.
      8 April 2019
  20. Guilscott Air
    Guilscott Air crescent moon
    Hello. Sent you friend request for your needs.
    . I need help for QL Launches
    How do I recognize one in the space program list

    Thx for help.