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Airport City Zoo event

Discussion in 'Airport City Feature Requests & Suggestions' started by volly, 12 September 2017.

  1. Various ideas on how to handle the event.
    1. Fly to various places to get animals for your zoo.
    2. When you get 2 of the same animal you can breed them for coins. This allows the building to do something different than the standard coin drop. Different animals give different amounts. This can go on after the event ends.
    3. Collect coupons from your pet store to use at the zoo
    4. Gather people from various destinations to assemble a group to tour your zoo
    5. Find food for the animals from places in neighbor's cities. This can also include from flights.
    6. Gather traps that have excaped animals from your zoo from the woods around your city.
    7. Neighbors can loan you an animal for a short time as a gift. This can be used to increase the coin drop for a single time only. In order to increase the coin drop again another different animal has to be used. No more than one animal can be loaned to a player at a time. This prevents animals being stored in the warehouse. Animals do not live in warehouses.
    8. Failure to properly feed your animals on time mean coin return drops or you lose the animal(s). This encourages more consistent play.
    9. The zoo keeper has to be sent on a quest to gather items around the city as well as from flights.
    I'm sure folks can come up with more ideas for the event.
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