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26 September 2017 at 13:51
18 May 2017
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26 September 2017 at 13:51
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    Name: donralz
    Friend Code: 047o53bk
    Level: 63
    Hearts: 8
    Skill Stars: 114
    Alliance: Supernovas
    Platform: Android

    As of 2017-08-23 CST (-6)

    Items That I Need (in order of need)
    Flight Catering
    Terminal Level 7 -- 4x Parking Meter - 3x Beverage Cooler - 4x Wall Speaker - 3x Arch Metal Detector
    Spare Propeller
    Passengers (10)

    Fuel Hose
    Spare Wire
    Oscillating Beacon

    Weather Flight Item Gift - Nano Coating
    Wheel Block, Hardness Tester, Air Conditioner, Offset Gregorian Antenna, Beverage Cooler, Fuel (3), Fuel Catalyst, All-Inclusive Bracelet, Imprinter, Skin Care Products, Cockpit Glass, Welder, Album, Nano Coating, Landing Lamp, Handling Line, Passenger (10), Powerful Radio Transmitter, Video Wall, Robot Tester, Security Camera, Eau de Toilette, Fuel Supply, Jet Engine, Stapler, Fuel Additives, Insulation, Solar Cell, Additional Radar, Makeup, Ergonomic Chair, Spare Wire, Stamp, Landing Gear, Oscillating Beacon, Flight Catering, Defroster, Navigation Module, Archive Box, Fuel Hose, Gyroscope, Spare Propeller, Deicer, TV Panels, Wireless Compass, Washing Machine, Blanket, Attitude Indicator, Tunnel Freezer, Earplugs, Fruit Lollipop

    Support Account: ZFM-donralzNoGft
    Friend Code: 204uxtoy
    Weather Flight Item Gift - Spiked Tire
    Protective Cover, Copy Machine, Passengers (5), Fuel Catalyst, All-Inclusive Bracelet, Computer, Chocolate Candies, Cockpit Glass, Generator, Tour Review, Spiked Tire, Landing Lamp, Dispatched Console, Handling Line, Fuel (20), Powerful Radio Transmitted, Video Wall, Laser Level, Flight Helmet, Filled Candies
    Semi-Retired Support Account: ZZW-donralz2
    Friend Code: 20uigd4j
    Weather Flight Item Gift - Tesla Lightning Rod

    Fuel (3), Fuel Catalyst, All-Inclusive Bracelet, Imprinter, Chocolate Candies, Paint, Welder, Album Tesla Lightning Rod, Landing Lamp, Projector, Sandbag, Passengers (10), Powerful Radio Transmitter, Video Wall, Laser Level