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25 June 2017
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    1. pete blake
      pete blake
      Hi there. All done with the obs drones. Many thanks for your help.

      1. Below_Average_AC_Player
        20 December 2017
    2. Speed
      Hi, can you please send me Fuel Catalyst's instead? I'll keep sending building requirements on your signature
      1. Below_Average_AC_Player
        9 September 2017
        Speed likes this.
      2. Speed
        thanks :)
        9 September 2017
    3. Speed
      sorry I think I sent you the wrong gift. I don't know what I sent.
      1. Below_Average_AC_Player
        No problem, Speed! I've done that quite a few times myself. Nothing to be worried about :)
        28 August 2017
        Speed likes this.
      2. Speed
        Thanks I'll make it up tomorrow
        28 August 2017
    4. Nikkicol3
      Hi, could you send me your latest requirements so that I can you more appropriate gifts?
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    • Windows PC


    Main Account: B-Avg [item] -
    Platform: Windows 10, Surface Pro 4
    Level: 73 - Code: 201x0lza (please PM) - Updated: 20.02.2018

    Please make sure your signature or gamename is up to date, so that you may receive the right gifts.
    (Priority) Items needed:
    Event: Send items if event
    Control Tower level 10: 7x Technical Pen
    Terminal level 9: 5x Patrol Drone
    Town Hall 8: 3x Intercom - 4x Podium

    Town Hall 10: 7x Stitcher
    Furniture Factory: 19x Boring Machine
    Pharmaceutical Lab: 38x Bioreactor - 15x Granulator - 34x Air Shower - 26x Disinfecting Solution
    Repair Base level 7: 8x Ultrasonic Flaw Detector - 5x X-Ray Flaw Detector
    Travel Agency: 5x Travel Guide - 2x Tour Review
    Flight Items: Fuel 20 - Fuel Catalyst

    Items you can receive from me:
    Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, Technical Pen, Arcade Machine, Fuel (3), Fuel Catalyst, Disposable Shampoo, Air Conditioner, Single-Malt Whiskey, Paint, Generator, Album, Spiked Tire, Landing Lamp, Projector, Channel Bar, Passenger (10), Powerful Radio Transmitter, Video Wall, Laser Level, Glass Display Case, Eau de Toilette, Fuel Supply, Jet Engine, Calculator, Fuel Additives, Drill Machine, Communication Antenna, Additional Radar, Makeup, Amperemeter, Spare Wire, Laser Cutter, Passenger Seat, Oscillating Beacon, Flight Catering, Cooling Chamber, Navigation Module, Master Plan, Fuel Hose, Gyroscope, Spare Propeller, Deicer, Air Vent Filter, Wireless Compass, Centrifuge, Blanket, Attitude Indicator, Tunnel Freezer, Earplugs, Fruit Lollipop, Boring Machine, Bed, E-Reader, VR Headset, Sleeping Pill, Air Shower