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18 October 2018 at 01:00
24 September 2018
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Virginia, USA

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Member, Male, from Virginia, USA

With a sigh of relief, Alice and Friday stepped back through the looking glass. 18 October 2018 at 01:01

BDS Air was last seen:
18 October 2018 at 01:00
    1. BDS Air
      BDS Air
      With a sigh of relief, Alice and Friday stepped back through the looking glass.
    2. BDS Air
      BDS Air
      “Oh, My!” She thought as the room began to grow...
    3. BDS Air
      BDS Air
      Alice eyed the table and the small jar with its tag that read “drink me”.
    4. BDS Air
      BDS Air
      “Anybody found the looking glass?” Asked Alice.
    5. BDS Air
      BDS Air
      Robin and Friday have joined Alice on a new quest
    6. BDS Air
      BDS Air
      Robin and Friday happily back together
    7. BDS Air
      BDS Air
      Still can’t find Friday but found his friend Robin...
    8. BDS Air
      BDS Air
      Still looking for yesterday, or was it the day before. Let me know if you find Friday.
    9. BDS Air
      BDS Air
      What happened to yesterday?
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    Virginia, USA
    • iPad
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    BDS Air


    User name
    BDS Air F20,GB
    Code Upon request

    User name BDS Air1
    Upon request

    Flight items needed: F20 ⛽️, LL, Powerful Radio Transmitter, Spare Wire
    Fuel Additives, spare wire, Additional Radar

    Immediate needs:

    For BDS Air
    Town Hall L7: Fax, Office Chair, Mayors Portrait, Laptop
    Repair Base L4: Amperemeter, Lining Plate, Hull Parts, Laser Cutter

    For BDS Air1
    Town hall L6: Stapler, Calculator, Cash Counter
    Control Tower L5: Insulation, Projector, Transmitter, Server Rack

    Future needs: Archive Box, White Board, Smoke Detector, Solar Cell,
    Spaceship Launch Console, Communications Antenna, Optical System
    Amperemeter, Lining Plate, Hull Parts,Laser Cutter, Loader, Safety Cone,
    Fluorescent Lamp, Shredder, Ceilometer, Transparency Meter, RadioSonde,

    Russian Egg-come visit BDS Air1
    Can Gift: 4 of Hearts, Pocket Knife
    Need for Card Hangar: Cards - 2, 3, 4, and 5 of hearts

    Additional Radar, Album, Archive Box, Antitheft Gate, ATM, Autopilot, Amperemeter, Bath Towel, Calculator, Channel Bar, Cockpit Glass, Cognac, Computer, Deicer, Differental Relay, Dispatcher Console, Flight Catering, Fuel (20), Fuel Additives, Fuel Catalyst, Fuel Hose, Fuel Supply, Gyroscope, Headup Display, Hull Parts, Hydraulic Cylinder, Jet Engine, Lamp Shade, Landing Lamp, Loader, Navigation Module, Optical System, Oscillating Beacon, Packaging Machine, Passengers(5), Passenger Seat, Perfume, Pilot Headset, Pitot Tube, Power Source, Powerful Radio Transmitter, RadioSonde, Skin Care Product, Spaceship Engine, Spare Propeller, Spare Wire, Spiked Tire, Video Wall, VSI, Welder,