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  1. Blue Skies
    Blue Skies SS1
    Red, Blue or Green launches? Reds are the BEST for earning gold tokens, fuel and other items. Greens (as Capt only) are needed for maps for QL hunting. Blues...mehh. Work the greens for maps and Reds for best return.
  2. Blue Skies
    Blue Skies SS1
    QLs and prep sets... I always keep at least one QL and several of every kind of prep sets in emergency reserve (Red, Blue and Green). This way I can jump to help anyone if asked. DO NOT waste your QLs!!! I suggest you have at least 20-30 Red prep sets and some Green and Blue prep sets at the ready in case you run out of Reds before you open a QL.
  3. Blue Skies
    Blue Skies SS1
    More on Landing Lamps...

    LLs are the key to earning QLs. Send at least 2 Turboprops (Tp) on constant flights to Turkish Coast ALWAYS. You will need around 90-120 LLs for green map flights for each QL. The first set will require more, following will require less as you will have left-over items from your first hunt. I like to keep no less than 600 LLs in my warehouse at all times.
  4. Laosge
    Laosge skiv
    Hi @skiv my game is broken sorry for not sending gifts. Hope microsoft can repair an error code.
    1. skiv likes this.
    2. skiv
      No worries. Let me know when it is fixed and we can resume gifting.
      24 August 2017 at 01:19
  5. Blue Skies
    Blue Skies Pit1024
    Hello Peter, I am now back up to 30 Red prep sets. Would you be interested in a 1&1 QL party soon?
    1. Pit1024
      Leaving for a family vacation on Wednesday. Thursday I will be in in a hotel in Spain and ready to discuss possible parties. Before that it'll be quite hectic, sorry.
      21 August 2017 at 22:04
      Blue Skies likes this.
    2. Blue Skies
      Blue Skies
      No hurry. I will continue to gather resources...
      21 August 2017 at 22:10
  6. AeroFous
    lvl72 feel free to add me 04mlyhq4
  7. Gunrunner
  8. Gunrunner
    Waited until I hit lvl25 before joining. Late bloomer :(
  9. Etshk
    Etshk sja65
    Hi, added you, hope we can be neigbours
  10. Etshk
    Etshk Bali Hi
    Hi, added you, hope we can be neigbours
  11. Etshk
    Etshk Robobobo888
    Add you hope we can be neigbours
  12. Harcourt
    I no longer need Knives and Mirrors, Thank You. I now need Fuel20, Earplugs and Lollipops. Have a nice day !!
  13. skiv
    No event or weather items. Spare Prop, Wireless Compass, Attitude Indicator
  14. skiv
    No event or weather items. Need Spare Props, W-Compass, Earplugs.
  15. Blue Skies
    Blue Skies ItsRalphy
    Hey @ItsRalphy , Thank you for joining and your support. I need to take a break from Captain role on this flight (union rules on a 24 hour flight). So where is the bar located? Are there dancing ladies?
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    2. ItsRalphy
      Always a bar!!!! LOL
      19 August 2017 at 06:40
  16. Speed
    Lots of Spare Wire and Knives/Mirrors please, Thank You :)
  17. VIVEK
    Urgent requirement : Playing Cards Two of Hearts Three of Hearts Four of Hearts Five of Hearts
  18. Eugene-1956
    Eugene-1956 AshPort
    I need a tesla lightning rod, I tried to add you but I am not sure why 03bv6gap did not work. my friend code is 03vh46mz.
    I don't know how to tag someone here.
  19. Speed
    Speed luxurycat
    Hi @luxurycat , no more Transparency meters please. I've got 10 of them lol. can you send Arch Metal Detector instead? thank you
  20. Robobobo888
    Grateful to all my trading partners, but can only send back 20 gifts a day. It's nothing personal if I can't promptly return a gift :(