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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Training Center building and where can I find it in the game?

Training Center is a place where your astronauts can train before the rocket launch. It is a building of dark blue colour with a centrifuge in its upper part. The object could be obtained only as a reward for completing all the tasks of the Per Astra Ad Astra special time-limited event when you started the first launch of the rocket in the history of your airport. When the offer was fulfilled the building appeared in the Warehouse.

What is VIP-Lounge and how can I build it in my airport city?

VIP-Lounge is a building of blue colour with a helipad located on its roof. It was a place that received guests coming to your city during the film festival held in the game within one of our special time-limited offers called Cinemania. The object could be constructed while completing this event only.

What's the difference between hangars of different levels and colors?

The hangars speed up the time of service on the runway for specific planes, except the very first one (blue hangar). Faster servicing time affects only your planes but not the visiting ones.

When does the Airship come?

First time the Airship comes to your Airport City when you've built Airship Dock. Then Airship comes once in a fortnight.

Where can I find my game version?

To find your game version go to Settings → Applications → Manage Applications → Airport City. You will see the game version in the application info.

Where can I find the flight school and where can I build it?

You can find the flight school in the Store → Industries. The problem appears when you try to build the flight school in the airport area. In order to build the flight school you should place it in the city area outside the airport territory.

Where do I begin?

Starting the game for the first time, you were greeted by a stewardess named Jane, who explained the basics of the game and helped you build the most essential structures. Simply continue to complete her tasks, as well as the tasks given by other characters. Look for quest icons on the left part of the screen.

Where do I get fuel?

The maximum limit of fuel in your Airport increases with each level. 1 point of fuel is automatically restored every three minutes. You can instantly restock your supply of fuel by buying it at the Store or ordering in the Fuel Station.

Why can't I build the Airship Dock?

The Airship Dock becomes available for purchase for coins after you've completed Duke Crooker's quests.

Why cannot I receive a certain gift from my friend?

In case your current game level is lower than the level of your friend's game you cannot receive this gift, so it will be automatically converted to the barrel of fuel.
Some gifts in the game are special and it's necessary to complete certain quests to make them available. These gifts have different requirements to your level of experience.

Why didn't I receive a reward for participating in TOP-100 flights rating/space program?

We decided to make the leaders rush even more exciting and grabbing! According to the game rules, only the most persistent and hazardous will get a reward for taking part in competitions. To win a prize in TOP-100, one should be among the first 10 players in the rating; to get a reward for participating in space program - among the first 3 players. Keep playing, perform more flights and rocket launches to become the best pilot and get the desired gratification!

Why does the game suggest sending a plane to a flight for banknotes? I see the "Fly for ...!" option instead of the "Fly!" in the flights list.

The game suggests renting a plane in case a condition necessary for its sending to a flight is not met. For example, there is no a plane suitable for this flight (or all of them are already sent/being repaired), or an empty hangar (in case there is one - you will receive a message informing that you need a plane and will be redirected to the Store without a change of the flights interface). When you rent a plane for banknotes, you won't need fuel, passengers, and additional items for a flight. The renting option is available for players starting from the 5th level.
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