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Frequently Asked Questions

How to stop sending messages to Facebook/Twitter?

To stop posting your achievements to Facebook and Twitter uncheck the post to Facebook and Twitter boxes in the window which pops up when you level up or get an achievement.

I cannot place a structure because of trees. What should I do?

When you buy an expansion the land is cleared from trees automatically. To expand your land, please open Store → Expansions (the button with a house and 4 yellow arrows) → Buy and confirm the action pressing the check mark in the lower right corner of the display.

I deleted my friend's invitation/my friend. Can I add him/her again?

Each code can be input only once and if you removed your friend from your friends' list or your invitation to become friends was cancelled you can't add the same friend code again. In this case you can ask to enter your friend code or wait until the player appears in the list of players which you can add (the list is formed randomly).

I have upgraded my Town Hall but the passengers' level remains the same, why?

Please, note that population and passengers levels are different things in the game. Your population allows you to build more houses and other buildings. But it has nothing to do with the passengers. When you upgrade your Town Hall your passengers level remains the same, whereas your population should be increased.

Is there anything I can do to avoid being blocked for time cheating?

Please make sure you do the following:
1. Set the correct time zone using your device settings.
2. Turn on the option that’s arranges time settings automatically. In case the option is unavailable set date and time manually.
In case your game is blocked, please contact our Support Team for further assistance.

My population level has suddenly increased, despite I did not build any new residential buildings.

The game feature is that not only the residential buildings provide the citizens, but the commerce ones as well. If you want to build a new building, but the population level is out-of-limit high, you will have to demolish one of the older constructions. It will lower the population level and you will get the permission to construct a new building right away! Also you can upgrade the Town Hall to raise the population level.

One of the buildings looks a bit transparent and has an icon above it. What does that mean?

If the icon is that of a road that means you need to build a road to it.
If the icon is that of an exclamation point ("!") that means you need special materials to complete the construction (you can get them from flights, ask your friends for them or purchase with Airport Cash).
If the icon is that of a green lock that means the building is ready to operate, and you just need to tap it once to activate it.

The population has reached its maximum limit. What should I do?

Available citizens allow you to build new structures. If this parameter reaches its limit, you can upgrade the Town Hall (thereby increasing the maximum limit) or remove several existing buildings (thereby freeing up some of available citizens). Also, some of the buildings that you get as rewards for completing special offers increase your maximum population.

What are the exclusive gifts and how are they different from the regular ones?

The exclusive Facebook gifts are the gifts you can send to those players with whom you are friends on Facebook. They can accept them either in the Free to Fly game (the game version for Facebook) or in the mobile version of the application in case the game account is linked to Facebook. The main difference between the regular gifts and the Facebook exclusive gifts is that the exclusive gifts can be accepted both in the Free to Fly game and in the mobile version of Airport City. The other important thing is that they can also be sent both form the Free to Fly game and from the mobile version too.

What are tokens and how can I get them in the game?

You can use tokens (gold and silver ones) for purchasing advanced and faster planes in the game.
Silver tokens can be obtained for performing rocket launches. Both gold and silver items can be also received for taking the prize places in the rank of the flights.
There is also an opportunity to send tokens as gifts.
Just keep playing, start space programs and flights, get high scores to earn tokens and you will succeed!

What do figures in the upper left corner mean?

Your level is shown on the blue cap at the experience bar. The figures at the star indicate the total amount of stars you have. To the right of the experience bar you can find your fuel supply and the number passengers. The first blue field in the upper left corner shows your population maximum and the second one - electricity points maximum.

What do the icons with the pilot over my buildings mean?

Your friends can help you to play the game and move further in the storyline. You can see the icons with the pilot over your buildings as a mark of their help. Tap them to get the reward.

What does the game currency symbol above my hangar mean?

The symbol with the game currency above the hangar means that one of your planes returned with an item from the flight but all the runways were occupied and it moved directly to its hangar. Just press the symbol to get the profit and you will have an opportunity to send the plane to flights again. If you collect coins for a completed flight while a plane is on a runway (you'll have to land the plane yourself to do that) and not in a hangar, you are going to get additional profit!

What flight can I get a certain item from?

To see what items you can get from a flight, please choose a flight in the Flights menu and press the "i" button. In the pop-up window you will see the items you can get and their drop rate.

What is an Alliance?

What is Mystery Building?

Mystery building is a chest where 1 random building out of 10 new houses is placed. It can be found in Warehouse → Other (the tab with a box icon).

What is the Buildings tab in the Warehouse all about?

Sometimes you earn special buildings for completing quests that are not available in the Store. Those are the ones that appear in the Warehouse.

What is the difference between parameters "population" and "passengers" in the game?

The population parameter defines the number of buildings you can construct as each of them requires a certain amount of population and electricity. The population limit depends on the level of Town Hall in the game.
Passengers are necessary for sending planes to flights from the Airport. The maximum amount of passengers you can have depends on the level of Terminal.

What is the maximum amount of oil/gas I can have?

The maximum amount of fuel depends on your current game level. Its maximum that you can have is 90 points.
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