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Questions & answers relating to Airport City Money.

How can I earn more coins?

You can earn coins in the following ways:
- collect profits from flights;
- collect profits from residential and commercial buildings in your Airport and at your neighbour cities;
- redeem friend codes (each friend code gives 100 coins and you can redeem up to 5 codes a day). You can find friend codes on our official page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AirportCityOfficialPage;
- redeem gift codes published on Facebook (the link above) and on Twitter: https://twitter.com/gi_mobile;
- publish your friend code on Facebook and get a bonus each time your code is redeemed;
- buy coins in the Bank.

How do I get green Airport Cash?

What are tokens and how can I get them in the game?

You can use tokens (gold and silver ones) for purchasing advanced and faster planes in the game.
Silver tokens can be obtained for performing rocket launches. Both gold and silver items can be also received for taking the prize places in the rank of the flights.
There is also an opportunity to send tokens as gifts.
Just keep playing, start space programs and flights, get high scores to earn tokens and you will succeed!

What does the game currency symbol above my hangar mean?

The symbol with the game currency above the hangar means that one of your planes returned with an item from the flight but all the runways were occupied and it moved directly to its hangar. Just press the symbol to get the profit and you will have an opportunity to send the plane to flights again. If you collect coins for a completed flight while a plane is on a runway (you'll have to land the plane yourself to do that) and not in a hangar, you are going to get additional profit!

Why didn't I receive a reward for participating in TOP-100 flights rating/space program?

We decided to make the leaders rush even more exciting and grabbing! According to the game rules, only the most persistent and hazardous will get a reward for taking part in competitions. To win a prize in TOP-100, one should be among the first 10 players in the rating; to get a reward for participating in space program - among the first 3 players. Keep playing, perform more flights and rocket launches to become the best pilot and get the desired gratification!

Why does the game suggest sending a plane to a flight for banknotes? I see the "Fly for ...!" option instead of the "Fly!" in the flights list.

The game suggests renting a plane in case a condition necessary for its sending to a flight is not met. For example, there is no a plane suitable for this flight (or all of them are already sent/being repaired), or an empty hangar (in case there is one - you will receive a message informing that you need a plane and will be redirected to the Store without a change of the flights interface). When you rent a plane for banknotes, you won't need fuel, passengers, and additional items for a flight. The renting option is available for players starting from the 5th level.
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