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Questions & answers relating to buildings

Can I build two Сontrol Towers, two Terminals, two Flight Schools and two City Halls?

A Control Tower, a Terminal, a Flight School and a City Hall are unique buildings. There can be only one building of each kind in your Airport City.

How can I open a special building if the event is over?

In case you didn't manage to open a special building during the corresponding event you can buy the required items for Airport Cash, or delete the building using the Tools button in the bottom menu.

How do I get all the items to open a Hotel?

Items required to open a Hotel can be obtained from your friends. The thing is that each player has only one of the four items in the list of gifts which can be sent to other players. The more friends you have, the higher is the chance to get all items needed.

How do I move a building to the Warehouse?

Game buildings can only be sold or moved. In case you receive a bonus building it will appear in the Warehouse.

How do I remove a hangar or a runway?

Press the blue arrow icon on the lower toolbar and an actions menu will open. Tap the gold piggy bank icon, and then press a building, runway or road to sell it. Confirm your sale. Note that you cannot sell a Hangar with a plane parked inside it, or if the plane that's normally parked there is in flight. To sell the Hangar you must first sell the plane.

How do I sell my Duty Free shop?

This is the game feature that such buildings as duty free shop, control tower, town hall, fuel station and repair base cannot be sold as they are essential elements of your Airport City.

How do I turn a runway?

There is no opportunity to turn a runway in your airport.

How do I upgrade my Control Tower?

To upgrade the Control Tower tap it in your Airport City and the game will offer you to upgrade the building.

How many buildings of the same kind can I construct?

The limit for the number of buildings of the same kind is 6.

I cannot place a structure because of trees. What should I do?

When you buy an expansion the land is cleared from trees automatically. To expand your land, please open Store → Expansions (the button with a house and 4 yellow arrows) → Buy and confirm the action pressing the check mark in the lower right corner of the display.

I have upgraded my Town Hall but the passengers' level remains the same, why?

Please, note that population and passengers levels are different things in the game. Your population allows you to build more houses and other buildings. But it has nothing to do with the passengers. When you upgrade your Town Hall your passengers level remains the same, whereas your population should be increased.

One of the buildings looks a bit transparent and has an icon above it. What does that mean?

If the icon is that of a road that means you need to build a road to it.
If the icon is that of an exclamation point ("!") that means you need special materials to complete the construction (you can get them from flights, ask your friends for them or purchase with Airport Cash).
If the icon is that of a green lock that means the building is ready to operate, and you just need to tap it once to activate it.

What do the icons with the pilot over my buildings mean?

Your friends can help you to play the game and move further in the storyline. You can see the icons with the pilot over your buildings as a mark of their help. Tap them to get the reward.

What is Mystery Building?

Mystery building is a chest where 1 random building out of 10 new houses is placed. It can be found in Warehouse → Other (the tab with a box icon).

What is the Buildings tab in the Warehouse all about?

Sometimes you earn special buildings for completing quests that are not available in the Store. Those are the ones that appear in the Warehouse.

What is the Training Center building and where can I find it in the game?

Training Center is a place where your astronauts can train before the rocket launch. It is a building of dark blue colour with a centrifuge in its upper part. The object could be obtained only as a reward for completing all the tasks of the Per Astra Ad Astra special time-limited event when you started the first launch of the rocket in the history of your airport. When the offer was fulfilled the building appeared in the Warehouse.

What is VIP-Lounge and how can I build it in my airport city?

VIP-Lounge is a building of blue colour with a helipad located on its roof. It was a place that received guests coming to your city during the film festival held in the game within one of our special time-limited offers called Cinemania. The object could be constructed while completing this event only.

What's the difference between hangars of different levels and colors?

The hangars speed up the time of service on the runway for specific planes, except the very first one (blue hangar). Faster servicing time affects only your planes but not the visiting ones.

Where can I find the flight school and where can I build it?

You can find the flight school in the Store → Industries. The problem appears when you try to build the flight school in the airport area. In order to build the flight school you should place it in the city area outside the airport territory.

Why can't I build the Airship Dock?

The Airship Dock becomes available for purchase for coins after you've completed Duke Crooker's quests.
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